Co-creating the OWIT we would like to see in 2025 (Episode 2)

Apr. 23, 2016

Violette Ruppanner

Co-creating the OWIT we would like to see in 2025 (Episode 2)


It's already a month ago or so since I've shared the outcome of our first conversations on the power of the OWIT network and its future direction. In the meantime, we've heard a few more members. Among them: Stephanie Kam from Ottawa (Canada) and Hulya Kurt from Geneva (Switzerland). Here is what I've learned from them:

What attracted them to OWIT in the first place?

  • Word of mouth and a great first experience
  • Wanted to foster and support women in the workplace ("help them to move up the ladder") - landed with OWIT for its values ("openness, collaboration and sharing"), diversity and manyfold networking opportunities

What do they value most about OWIT and why?

  • the quality and openness of its members ("They are ambitious, hard-driven, professional women who understand the power of networking... [and who] are happy to connect with you, give you information")
  • the mutual support, mentoring and sponsoring ("open and embracing") as well as the friendships that develop over time

An experience of OWIT at its best?

  • I've enjoyed watching how other members have benefitted from OWIT. I got my first gig in international trade because of the first event I attended as a student. So, in turn, I help others looking for jobs, introductions, mentors.
  • When an event we organised is well attended and has an impact on the attendees - when we make a difference for the person, for the individual... - the networking afterwards is always very lively! The learning and growing that comes with it.

Imagining OWIT in 2025?

  • Embracing and integrating information and communication technologies to have more integrated cross-border interactions - what if we had virtual monthly member meetings?
  • Being an influential women's organisation, OWIT Lake Geneva being the headquarter of OWIT EMEA, having the support and sponsorship of many partners; organising the Number One annual women's trade event that attracts a large audience ("increasing our footprint")

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